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From costumes to lighting to painting sets, it takes many people to make each Proscenium Circus show a success.  It takes all kinds of people, and all kinds of talent to get us to opening night.  As a student theatre, no experience is necessary as learning is our number one priority and your crew chief will show you the ropes.

Consider signing up for a crew today.


The costumes crew will be working together with the actors to find multiple looks that work for their characters. The costumes team will be extra creative by putting together outfits from what’s already in an actor’s closet, and each actor will need multiple looks to show the character’s growth throughout the school year of the show. 


Film Editing

This team will be responsible for stitching together the video, audio, and graphics necessary to create our virtual musical. This is a new crew for this new medium. We will need to log and tag all of the footage to stay organized and on schedule. Crew members will be responsible for editing individual scenes or songs, while working together to create a cohesive final production based on the director’s vision.


Hair and Makeup

The Hair and Makeup team will be working together with actors to create multiple looks for characters over the course of the musical. Actors need to be able to do these looks themselves, without the assistance of a Hair and Makeup crew member, so this team will need to be flexible,  and each actor will need multiple looks to show the character’s growth throughout the school year of the show. 


Stage Management

This team will oversee the production of our musical by managing deadlines, rehearsals, and meetings to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The virtual medium for our musical poses a unique challenge, meaning that team members will need to adapt and be ready for anything. 



As usual, the sound team will be involved in creating sound effects and soundscapes to contribute towards the greater vision for the show. Sound effects for video are much different from those for the stage, so prepare for a creative adventure. For this production, the sound team will also work with the video editing team to make sure the audio during scenes and songs is balanced.

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