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PC Musical 


If you feel things so deeply and passionately that you just need to sing about them; if you are so filled with emotion that your body just has to dance; if you love standing in someone else’s shoes, reveling in a person’s thoughts and feelings, then you are a musical theatre actor and you have just found your home here.


If you’ve auditioned for us before, welcome back! If this is your first time auditioning at Proscenium Circus, we’re thrilled to have you! Auditions are open to all current ABRHS students, whether you have never auditioned for us before or have auditioned for us several times, whether you’ve never acted before or are a seasoned thespian.

Proscenium Circus is committed to an inclusive casting policy of non-traditional casting. Our productions will be cast with actors of all races, ethnicities, gender presentations, and abilities in leading roles and in the ensemble.


Auditions can seem scary, and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there.  Knowledge is power so take some time to get to know what we look for in auditions and the best ways to prepare.

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