Proscenium Circus, student theatre at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, is proud to present the world-premiere of their original virtual musical, Warchester Academy. Written, produced, and performed by seventy-five ABRHS students, the musical asks “how do you score your worth”?


One of only two high schools in the entire state producing a musical this year, thirty students worked over the summer to collaborate in writing the script and composing the music. Another fifty students performed and created behind-the-scenes as costume designers, hair and makeup designers, stage managers, video and sound editors. After school rehearsals were held outside in the sun, rain, and snow, using the school tennis courts as a stage, and students filmed the show at home on Zoom. 


“Warchester Academy is an important story because we are trying to share the message you are 'enough when you think you are.' Throughout our lives, we always compare ourselves to others; we feel like if we were only as " ______ " (pretty, smart, rich) as someone else, we would be happy,” says actor and writer Meghan Lawson.  “We have blown this idea up; everyone has a rank and knows precisely if they are smarter than the person next to them or not. Throughout the show, the characters learn they don't need to compare themselves or meet other people's standards. By not comparing ourselves to others, we can begin to discover what truly makes us happy.”


The show will stream for free on February 5 and 6 at 7pm, and February 7 at 2pm. Streaming passes are available at

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